Updated 5-3-2017 Fermata application fee:

County Offices usually have local funds for printing and use local promo vendors for marketing items and outdoor sign construction. A local vendor needs a license to print the UK logo. The vendor can apply online through Fermata (UK's brand authority). The application fee is $100.00 and if approved they are charged $100.00 on an annual basis for administrative fees. If a vendor is disapproved during the application process their application fee is not refunded as the application fee is non-refundable. They will however have to become a member of the Fair Labor Association which does have a membership fee to join, and the membership fee is dependent upon the size of the business so there is no standard set fee to join.

Updated 4-6-2017 Extension pop-up banner templates are here. Customize a banner with a program name, county name and address.

Updated 3-27-17 NEWS: Kentucky State University changes their logo. You have to look closely and you will notice the green and gold colors are slightly different, the "TM" is removed, and there's an alternative logo with a tagline. All the UK_KSU partnership logos and outdoor county sign templates are updated. Please download the new versions today. For the few outdoor county signsupdated recently, you do not have to reorder.