T-Shirts for a Group or Project


T-Shirts created for members of a group or program must use the official logo on the shirt somewhere.
You can have a crazy design on a t-shirt, and find a place to add the logo to "brand" the University and Cooperative Extension and/or the College. Logos (options below) can be on the front, back or sleeve.

Options of designs for official shirts - Extension


Ordering apparel from a vendor can be done through their website or contacting them directly. Review the Working with Vendors page before selecting a vendor.

Vendors will have the correct logos. If you need them, go to the Logos page.


Vendors use a variety of embroidery machines. Always ask for a sample before ordering an item. It's better to take the time to inspect the quality of the embroidery BEFORE ordering a large quantity of apparel.

Note: When you order the interlocking UK Logo, if the embroidery is on a dark color (UK Blue), the vendor has to choose a thread color to match the shirt.