Marketing vs. Logos vs. Branding

Marketing is what we do to impact the brand but it is not the brand.

A logo is a tangible way to express some of the essence and characteristics of our brand, but there is no way a logo can represent or illustrate everything about our brand. Download logos

The brand is the culmination of our efforts, people’s experiences and beliefs about our organization—not necessarily visible, but real in its existence.

Values support important messaging:

  • Improving lives today and creating a sustainable future for tomorrow
  • A unified commitment to service, bettering communities and improving lives
  • We serve passionately

By tying our programs, events and other activities back to the College, we are reinforcing our long-held principle of providing nonbiased, research based information to Kentucky citizens.

For our organization, marketing is what we do every day to reach our consumers with education, information and skills acquired to improve their lives.

How you market yourself, your programs and your organization will ultimately affect its brand. Marketing is how we show our constituents who we are and what we do on a daily basis.

Correct and consistent use of the following visual identity elements strengthens our overall identity and lets our audiences recognize that we are all an integral part of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Our guidelines follow the university's graphics standards.

  • Hierarchy: UK, the College, Cooperative Extension Service, departments or unit names should appear prominently on all materials. 
  • Photography: Photographs help tell the university’s stories, showing what our college and Extension does to positively impact our state, the country and the world.
  • Color Palette: The colors represent UK’s personality and reinforces the brand.
  • Fonts: The chosen fonts are unique, contemporary and reflect the confident, authentic personality of the university. Fonts are Mercury, and Avenir and Helvetica Neue (seeblue).

    College brand values:

    • Collaborative
    • Innovated
    • Inclusive
    • Proud
    • Leaders
    • Service-oriented
    • Adaptive
    • Supportive

    Maximize the College brand

    Stories build relationships.

    Relationships build trust.

    Trust builds loyalty.

    Tell your county stories through all the media channels. Social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, youTube, Flickr) offers great potential in reaching and communicating with the public. Frequent posting informs followers, builds new relationships and keeps stakeholders informed on county events and outreach.

    Market what the college does for the community

    Find community events and programs that benefit from the college programs and services. Attend events, bring materials to display and publicize programs. Templates provided with the proper logos bring consistency to the marketing efforts, branding the organization in everything we do.