College of Agriculture, Food and Environment and

Kentucky Cooperative Extension


Who We Are

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment was founded as – and remains – a land-grant institution, offering access to knowledge and learning to enhance the lives of Kentuckians. The College is fundamentally interdisciplinary; we apply the biological, physical, and social sciences to challenges in agricultural, food and environmental systems. Our work encompasses farms and forests, food and fiber, families and communities.

The College holds a unique position as the home of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station and the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Our teaching, research, and extension programs are part of a national system that maintains a statewide presence and links local, state and global issues.

As full partners in the University of Kentucky and in every Kentucky county we:

  • Facilitate lifelong learning, informed by scholarship and research
  • Expand knowledge through creative research and discovery
  • Serve Kentuckians by sharing and applying knowledge

The College shall honor, sustain and advance the land-grant heritage and mission.

Updated 3-27-17

Kentucky State University

Official Colors and Jackson Hall Logo


Green: PMS 349
C:90 M33: Y:99 K:25

Gold: PMS 109
C: 1 M:16 Y:100 K:0


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Partnering with Kentucky State University

Kentucky Cooperative Extension

The University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University are the Commonwealth’s two land-grant institutions.

At the University of Kentucky, the name of the Extension organization is “Cooperative Extension Service.” At Kentucky State University, the Extension organization is referred to as “Cooperative Extension Programs.”

When the Extension program is regarding the overall Extension system within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the official name is Kentucky Cooperative Extension to represent the partnership of both the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University.

Partnership logo with UK and KSU

Each County office in Kentucky Cooperative Extension represents this partnership by displaying the partnership logo on all County office Outdoor signs. Templates with our partnership logo are available for office event announcements and other materials for communication.

Updated 3-27-17

Template for signs with the county name at the top

Template for signs with the county name at the bottom


County signs using partnership logo

Warren County Extension County Office Sign

Logo showing the partnership

The Kentucky Cooperative Extension logo with the combination of the UK and the KSU logo is approved by both universities and is the official primary logo to use when representing Kentucky Cooperative Extension. The UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Cooperative Extension Service follow the guidelines in the University of Kentucky Official Graphic Standards Manual for these logos.