Official Logos for the College and Extension

Cooperative Extension Service Complete logo

File includes all versions of the Cooperative Extension Service logo to use for print.

Main logo:

Cooperative Extension Service Main logo

UK and College Logo

File includes all the college logos to use for print.
Main logo:

UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Main Logo          

College/Unit Logos

Link to the UK Brands Standards download page. Sign-in with Linkblue required to download logos.

Promotional Logos

File includes all the logos for using on promotional apparel and items both Extension and College.

College Lockup

College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Main Logo 

CES Lockup

Cooperative Extension Service Logo        

Large UK and College and CES Stacked

Large UK logo with Cooperative Extension Service underneath

Large UK and College Stacked

Large UK and College stacked

See proper logo placement on items for design options

4-H Logo

KSU: Image iconcolor  /  Image iconblack

UK and KSU: Image iconcolor  / Image iconblack

UK-KSU logo

The partnership between our two Kentucky land-grant institutions is represented with a combination of the official logos.  The Cooperative Extension logo has both official logos for UK and KSU. Use this logo for materials when branding Extension as a whole, and it will further the understanding of our connection with the state, college and Kentucky.

UK lockup (no college logo)

Go the the website to download college departments, units, centers, and HES logos by the UK Public Relations Office. You will find templates, stationery, e-letterhead styles, fonts and other files for the college.

UK Lockup Logo, no college

  1. Go to Brand downloads
  2. Logon with your UK linkblue.
  3. You will see the college name on the left column.
  4. Click on the name of the college and select the download.
  5. Files available in jpeg and png only.

If you need another file type, UK provides a form

For requests for approval of secondary logos, please contact

The college provides additional information to assist in the understanding of the standards and how they relate to our situations. If you have any questions, email Becky Simmermacher.