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Marketing Extension
Everything We Do Speaks For Us: a detailed marketing strategy for Extension.
Here are some particular marketing tips for Cooperative Extension:

  • Two short videos for agents’ use, Trust, Transition, and Teamwork and Classrooms without Walls, are available at county offices and through the video library of Agricultural Communications
  • When you’re making a presentation, have the registration/sign-in sheet with the UK Cooperative Extension Service logo, the EEO statement and a brief statement of the program’s purpose, which is needed for civil rights and affirmative action records and can be used for institutional CEUs.
  • Always start and finish a presentation with slides of the words Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Access PowerPoint slides for your set-up screen.
  • UKAg YouTube Channel has hundreds of videos spotlighting programs in the college.

Developing a marketing strategy worksheet

Marketing 101: What YOU can do to help market the college.

Extension Mail
The Cooperative Extension Service is subject to various federal rules and regulations because it receives federal funds. All correspondence mail must have the approved official letterhead, which contains the UK logo and the words Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. This information must appear at the top of the correspondence and must be the dominant image on the page. The name, title, and signature of the extension agent or faculty member initiating the correspondence must be included.

Telling Our Story
Our mission is to support UK’s land-grant objective of delivering unbiased, research-based information.  Go to the UKAgNews for publications, photos, and videos available to help you tell our story.


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Land-Grant Institution

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture was founded as, and remains a land-grant institution, offering access to knowledge and learning for citizens and students throughout the Commonwealth. Our research, teaching, and extension programs are part of a national system that maintains a statewide presence and links local, state, and global issues.

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