Strategic Marketing Objective

Singular Focus:

Increase awareness and reinforce a positive brand perception of college programs and accomplishments

Key Audiences

Existing students
College Faculty and Staff
University Administration/Stakeholders

Prospective Students and their Families
Legislators/Key influencers/Decision Makers
General Public

Brand Strategy

brand strategy

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategy 1

Marketing Strategy 1-detail

Marketing Strategy 2

Marketing Strategy 2-detail

Marketing Strategy 3

Marketing Strategy 3-detail

Marketing Strategy 4

Marketing Strategy 4-detail

Marketing Strategy 5

Marketing Strategy 5-detail


Interview responses from faculty, staff and students involved
in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment confirmed a
strong shared belief and commitment to “improving lives today and
creating a sustainable future for tomorrow.” Across varied fields and
disciplines, there is a unifying commitment to service, bettering
communities and improving lives. There is incredible pride and
camaraderie throughout the college. People believe in the mission
of the college, maintaining a determined and optimistic outlook
for the future.


“We are so proud to be a part of our land grant which includes
all 120 counties and touches the lives of all of the
Commonwealth’s citizens on a daily basis.”
— Faculty

“They see not the limitations of the community’s past but
the opportunities and choices they have for the future.”
— Faculty

“(I have continued to work in forestry) to promote sustainable
forest management so that all Kentuckians, current and future,
will have the opportunities to benefit from our forest resources.”
— Staff

“(UK CAFE) offered smaller class sizes and a family
atmosphere that made me feel right at home.”
— Staff

“I value the work that happens across the state, addressing
key issues that provide both opportunities and challenges
for Kentucky families.”
— Student

“I have a strong interest in decreasing the margin of world hunger,
therefore I wanted to contribute to sustaining the world
through majoring in Agriculture.”
— Student