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Create a podcast

  1. Draft an outline and create a script with the exact wording for the podcast to keep the awkward pauses at a minimum. You will be amazed how many times you will record your first podcast without a script!
  2. Test record and check the volume and general process it will take to record your podcast.
  3. Record your podcast in a consistent voice and pace. Slow down and pronounce each word.
  4. Save the recording as a MP3 format (a bit rate of 128 kbps or 192 kbps if there’s music).
  5. Open up the MP3 file in a sound editing software* to edit out distracting pauses, noises and “ummmm”.


Equipment to create a podcast

Equipment to create a podcast

Some people use their iPad, using a free app called Voice Record Pro. It records MP4 files but gives you the option of converting the file to an MP3. When saving, you can send the file via WIFI and download it to a free server space like Dropbox or other options.
Start a Dropbox account for free, then start using it immediately.
You don’t need these with iPad.  If using a digital recorder you'll want a full headset with a noise-canceling microphone to ensure quality sound in the final file.
Choose a unidirectional, dynamic-type microphone.


Software to edit the sound file

  • *If using a mac, you can record through the “Garageband” application.
  • Audacity (is free!) has an easy learning curve and there are Windows, Mac, and Linux versions available. It has a number of useful features and plug-ins. If you decide to use Audacity, download and install the LAME MP3 encoder so that you can save your recordings as MP3 files, the preferred format for podcasts.
  • more options,



Post the final MP3

Podcasts can be posted to the UKAg iTunesU channel as well as placed on our video center server so you can link the MP3 in a Facebook or Twitter account or the website of the program.

View the Podcast Library

Contact Chris Canjar for posting to the library.



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