Vendors and Licensing

Ordering items with proper logos, use of appropriate vendors and licensing can be tricky and somewhat mysterious. Finding out if you are paying with local funds or a university account will determine the ordering process.

Vendors can be businesses in your local area or in contracts with the UK Purchasing Division. County offices using local funds may use a local licensed vendor. Most of the college departments must use approved vendors under the UK contracts when ordering stationery, printed materials, promotional items and signage.

Go To Forms for Vendor Licensee Lists. Promoversity is an approved promotions vendor, they are not listed on the form. This is the vendor contract for the College Store.

Using LOCAL FUNDS to pay for print, promo items and outdoor county sign construction

County Offices usually have local funds for printing and use local promo vendors for marketing items and outdoor sign construction. A local vendor needs a license to print the UK logo. The vendor can apply online through Fermata (UK's brand authority). The application fee is $100.00 and if approved they are charged $100.00 on an annual basis for administrative fees. Updated 5-3-2017 If a vendor is disapproved during the application process their application fee is not refunded as the application fee is non-refundable. They will however have to become a member of the Fair Labor Association which does have a membership fee to join, and the membership fee is dependent upon the size of the business so there is no standard set fee to join.

What is Fermata?

The “UK” logo is part of the athletics licensing, therefore all promo and printed materials and apparel using the graphic must be approved by the licensing company Fermata. Vendors are required to send designs to Fermata for approval before production.
Fermata website link to the application
UK Purchasing website for more information about contract vendors

Questions about vendors?

Printing and promo items contracts and regulations: Contact Becky Purcell, UK Purchasing Division
Construction/outdoor sign contracts and regulations: Contact Jim Sutton, UK Purchasing Division

Using UNIVERSITY ACCOUNTS to pay for print, promo items and outdoor county sign construction

College departments (or anyone using a university account) is required to use UK approved printing, promotional, and construction vendors.  Download the vendor licensee lists from Forms or visit UK Purchasing has licensee lists of approved vendor for each category of commodity.
UK Purchasing website for more information about contract vendors

Approval process when using the new logos:

Send designs to

  • Flyers, brochures, posters for print using the new “Interlocking UK” logo. If you are using an official template, you do not need to send for approval.
  • Outdoor County Signs:  If you are using local funding, you can get bids by local vendors or through UK vendors.  Go to download the files at Order County Signs

Send design requests to

  • Promotional Items: UK Public Relation MUST approve all designs. They will work with you to get the design approved.  If you are using local funds, and not a university account.
  • Questions about Fermata licensing, vendor issues, contact Becky Purcell, UK Purchasing Division.