Promotional Items and Apparel

Ordering items with proper logos, use of appropriate vendors and licensing can be tricky.

Finding out if you are paying with local funds or a university account will determine the ordering process.

Want to use your favorite vendor? Read Working with Vendors for information on accounts and licensing.

Step One: Choose a Vendor

Using a University account:

Download Select a UK Approved Promotional Vendor from the Licensee List

Note: Promoversity is the vendor for the College STORE
Contact with order questions. Need just one or two items? Go to the right column of the page. Click on "DEPARTMENT WEAR NO MINIMUMS".

Tablecloths can be ordered through the college store.
Large tablecloths run approx. $200.

Step Two: Review the design options

Promo apparel and items have a variety of design options.  Most of the approved vendors have the files you need to design online.

Step Three: Approval of Design

The vendors can help you with the design. They have done many orders and can help you on using the correct logos. If you have a unique design, the vendor will need to get it approved by UK Public Relations and Fermata (the licensing authority for the UK logo).  Send your design request to

Need a special design approved?