Warren County Extension County Office Sign

Can county offices with local funds accept bids from local construction companies to construct an outdoor sign?

Yes, if local funds are paying for the project and the company is an approved vendor.

Working with a local vendor, but they don't have a license to print the UK logo?
A local company apply for a license through Fermata (see Working with Vendors).
Once the license is approved, a vendor can work with the sign logos and guide.

Approval Process

The vendor uses the sign templates and guide to design the final file for the sign dimensions.
Send the design to Becky Simmermacher, beckys@uky.edu for final approval. Approval for the design takes very little time to approve when the vendor uses the appropriate template and guide.

Templates Available

All 120 Kentucky Cooperative Extension Offices have outdoor signage, in front of a building, along a street, or stenciled on a door. Vendors may need different artwork approved for masonery, illuminated, wood, metal, stone, door decals, and screenprinting.
The sign templates have the UK and KSU logos, showing the two-land-grant universities.
Construction companies must use the templates and contact Becky Simmermacher, beckys@uky.edu with final proof.

PDF iconoutdoor_sign_template-county_at_bottom.pdf

PDF iconoutdoor_sign_template-county_at_top.pdf

UK Departments and Construction of Signs

If a University account is used to pay for a sign, then you are required to use a contracted UK Approved vendor for sign construction. View the UK Purchasing Division's website to view available vendors. If you have questions about vendors, contact Jim Sutton in Purchasing.