twitter guide pdf

Why Use Twitter?

  • Provides a new way to promote your existing site, generate and drive traffic to a blog or site.
  • Presents a way listen to people as well as a way to talk.
  • Ask questions of your followers and retweet the solutions to a problem.
  • Provide audio and video links to your followers.

Tips on Using Twitter

  • Post a simple message on Twitter and get new followers.
  • Aim to have high exposure on Twitter. Set up a daily routine for your twitter activities like designating certain hours for tweeting.
  • Always follow a number of new members each week and try to entice them to follow you in return.
  • Tweet by mobile device for instant responses and followings.
  • Connect by conversation, try to write to the follower.
  • Market what makes your program unique from other and extend these differences between you and others in you Twitter posts.
  • Tweet about the fun and interesting events occurring about your program.
  • Add “Followers” or follow other people. Get updates and send messages up to 140 characters.



 Search Tips

  • Use an at-sign (@) immediately before a username to find mentions of (and replies to) a user.
    Example: @mashable will find tweets referencing the user “mashable.”
  • Use a minus sign immediately before any words you want excluded in results.
    Example: AgComm-pubs will find tweets containing “AgComm” but not “pubs.”
  • Use until: immediately before a specific date to find tweets sent before and until that date.
    Example: pubs until:2009-07-16 will find tweets containing “pubs” and sent until date “2009-07-16″ (year-month-day).
  • Use from: immediately before a username to find tweets from that user.
    Example: from:JonDoe will find tweets sent from the user “JonDoe.”

Contacts: Tiffany Cochran