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Submit the request form for video production services. Login with your LinkBlue. We will review the request and contact you for any details within one week. AgComm will forward the request to the appropriate administration. The administrator(s) review and approve, delay or deny the request based on estimate, college priorities and existing video production schedule. You will be contacted on the status of the request.

We can schedule a project into production when the script is done. Example of a script. We schedule one video in a series at a time. Multiple videos in a series are divided into individual projects and are not automatically done together.

Our production schedule fills up quickly, so we can assist in recommending alternate producers for your projects and can assist with posting to the appropriate COA locations.



Brian Volland, Agricultural Communications Specialist / Media Producer

137 Scovell Hall, 257-7539

Dave Stalion, Agricultural Communications Specialist / Media Producer
132 Scovell Hall, 859-257-3987


Becky Simmermacher, Manager of Marketing, Videography and Photography

135 Scovell Hall, 859 323-8408


Examples of a project:

  • Facility/multiple location Virtual Tours (Requires 3 months production/ one month post production)
  • College-wide promotional marketing video series of instructional videos, under 5 minutes each
  • Informational videos 3 min.
  • Video and text with static images
  • Self-publishing short videos, may need editing by client or Ag Comm


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If you have any questions related to Marketing (logos, templates, orders) or comments about the Marketing website, please contact We welcome feedback on how we can make this site more useful for you. Thank you.

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The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture was founded as, and remains a land-grant institution, offering access to knowledge and learning for citizens and students throughout the Commonwealth. Our research, teaching, and extension programs are part of a national system that maintains a statewide presence and links local, state, and global issues.

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