Be your own designer

If you ever need to design a cool flyer or reminder card for an event, the CANVA app. may be exactly what you need. This is not an advertisement, just a friendly tip about the app. anyone can use to do graphic design.

I've included 3 online videos below, plus one I put together to suggest how to use and place our college branding.

Try it and let Becky know what you think!

This PDF document has suggestions on best use of the software for designing posters, flyers, brochures, cards and bookmarks.


Crash Course on Canva video

Canva Tutorial video

Canva learn

Departments and units on campus

For advanced users of Adobe products

InDesign is a robust software that takes some experience to use. Here are three resources forlearning more:

  • has great support for their software. 
  • UK has a beginner class in InDesign, sign-up through your MyUK.