Guidelines for Using a Program Graphic


Branding Lock-up
  • One of the approved university/college or extension branding logos. They are called lock-ups to describe the design with the interlocking UK logo and the words.
  • Use one of the lockup brands with a program graphic.
Program Graphic
  • A word used in text, a simple artistic graphic or combination. NO reference to the university, college or extension with text or branding.
  • The graphic must not be combined with the branding in any way.
Location of Lock-up and Program Graphic
  • For apparel and items: Use the Program Graphic on the front or back and place a Lock-up in another location.

Use the approved graphic with a UK branding lock-up

  • Lock-ups include the UK lock-up, the UK College lock-up, the Cooperative Extension Service lock-up or the UK/KSU partnership logo.
  • One of the lock-ups/logo MUST be on all materials to brand our educational institution. 
  • Can be placed on front or back of apparel and items for promotional use, give-aways, and other non-retail materials.

Examples of Dairy graphics with lockupsLock-ups need to be spaced at least 1/2 the depth of the UK Logo.



Which Lock-up to Use
  • Select from one of the lock-ups below. Selection depends on type of material and item being branded.
  • Having trouble fitting everything on a product? Always select one of the lock-ups instead of the program graphic. An example of this would be smaller items like pens or pencils. A lock-up will not fit. Choose to use text only “UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment” or “UK Cooperation Extension Service”.

Internal vs. External Audiences

Internal Promotional products, college level announcements

  • When ordering shirts, jackets, items, it’s best to include the official UK College lockup, or the UK University of Kentucky lockup.
  • On campus intended materials can use the UK College lockup or other lockups below.

External Audiences

  • With promotional items and printed materials, use a UK lockup that has the University of Kentucky and the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment spelled out. 
  • Read more from the UK Graphics

Approval of a Program Graphic

Secondary Logos

  • UKAg is NOT ALLOWED.UKAg secondary logo is not permitted
  • The logo has UK in it and has been used exclusively to represent the college/university.

If you have a current program graphic that needs updated, please send the program graphic to for advise on changing the graphic to reflect the current branding policies.