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With the development of the college’s strategic plan, a new brand awareness message and marketing platform has emerged, “It starts with us”. We Grow… will no longer be the tagline to use with the official college and extension logos.

As a marketing platform to further compliment the College’s brand, the intention is to inject further purpose and meaning into the College brand through deeper understanding, allowing powerful and unified messaging that will establish an emotional connection with our students and our constituents.

Please use any materials you already have purchased using the We Grow brand however when materials need to be designed or repurchased, then please begin using the new brand message as outlined in these guides.

Phrases to use

Here are a few examples of words/phrases that can be used with “It starts with us.” As you think about phrasing and photos, think about the college’s features and the end benefit to the consumer/student etc.

If you have suggestions, please let us know.

  • A meaningful career. A sustainable future.
  • Dream. Discover. Achieve.
  • Serving and impacting Kentucky
  • Extending knowledge. Changing lives.
  • Healthy families. Healthy homes. Healthy communities
  • Finding new ways to help feed, fuel and clothe our world.
  • Make a difference globally and locally.
  • Tackling difficult challenges with practical solutions
  • Empowering youth.
  • Empowering people. Thriving communities.
  • Creating the next generation of leaders.
  • Protecting our natural resources.

“It starts with us” creates a consistent brand identity that unifies the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment and reinforces the collective impact the college is making through education, outreach, service and research.

A common thread across the college is a connection to the foundations of life. In “It Starts With Us,” we are making a proud statement that stresses the importance of College programs and contributions to a sustainable future in the Commonwealth and beyond. It says that we are leaders and innovators. “With Us” speaks to a collaborative and inclusive environment. It takes ownership and responsibility for solving the big challenges we face across all the college fields of study while communicating the college as service-oriented and supportive.

It: Speaks person, place or thing in the college. It can be a vision, a concept or a future. It- Can be anything.
starts: A career, a new family and friends, growth, pride, leadership, research, adaptive, education a new program, service-oriented
with: Collaborative, unity, supportive, trust, socially responsible, connected, inclusive
us: Tradition, alums, college, friends, colleagues, ambition, pride, spirit and heritage.

Placement of tagline

To ensure the “It starts with us” graphic is highly visible, always separate it from its surroundings. Shown is the area of isolation, or minimum required clear space, surrounding all college level logos.


“It starts with us” graphic should not be sized smaller than 1 inch width.


The font is Mercury Italic.
The “It starts with us” graphic should never be stretched out of proportion in any direction.
Do not try to recreate this graphic yourself. Use the downloadable graphic files provided.



Tagline: It starts with us (Only the first letter of the first word is capitalized)
Hashtag: #ItStartsWithUs (Capitalize each word so it’s easier to read as 4 words)
Sentence: It starts with us.


Written content

Content of materials is written to reflect the tagline “It starts with us.” The tagline can stand alone, be part of the copy content or be at the end to provide the best connections.


A meaningful career.
A sustainable future.
It starts with us.

Social Media

Use the tagline "It starts with us" as a short sentence at the end of the post. Create a post that shows how the college supports prospective students, county announcements or events. Photographs of events as they are happening, or last year's photo from the same events work well for events. Create meaningful hashtags that focus directly to your content.





"It starts with us" stands alone as a statement.


Marketing a program, end the text with "It starts with us."


"It starts with us" used as a final sentence.