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Branding Standards (pdf) extended version

UK Graphic Standards

College Strategic Plan



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Fact Sheets

Letterhead, Envelopes UK 150 logo

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Marketing the College: MP4 file, Short video on how to market the college

Developing a Marketing Strategy (Worksheet in Word)

Everything We Do Speaks For Us: A detailed marketing strategy for Extension.

Marketing 101: What YOU can do to help market the college.

Media Relations:

When Media Call: STAY CALM PowerPoint presentation

Working with Media: Writing Tip Sheet

Television Interviewing



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Career Day/Student Recruitment materials


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Brochure ready to print, Thank you cards and presentation slides

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UKAg Store Items


Extension: 100 Years

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All Guides, Best Practices (pdf), tool icons, links to general resources








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Clearance Sheet for Ag Comm Services (pdf)

Video Request Form (web form)

UKAG Photo Library  |  Photo Release Form

Extension Field Directory



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Land-Grant Institution

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture was founded as, and remains a land-grant institution, offering access to knowledge and learning for citizens and students throughout the Commonwealth. Our research, teaching, and extension programs are part of a national system that maintains a statewide presence and links local, state, and global issues.

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Read about the 150 year sesquicentennial of the Morrill Act at UK