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Monday, April 25th:

UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment:
New guidelines and location of where to download logos.
If your department, unit or center is not available on the download page, click on the link to request for UK to create it for you.
UKPR is aware of a few missing or misspelled units and are working to post new ones.

Stationery needs: The university's three vendors contracted for printing stationery are formatting the designs presented in the Graphics standards. Next week, we should have order forms and/or online ordering ready for us.

Social media icons: The college has the new, approved icon for all the media. Sized and ready for you to begin using. Do not alter the icon. Use the specific name of your account in text.
Facebook   Twitter   Instagram    Pinterest   Linkedin    YouTube   Google+      

If you want to create your own, you must send a copy to UK Public Relations (UKPR) for approval at


Be must contact UKPR ( to use any of the following:

  • Secondary logos used in the past for branding a program (no secondary logos (UKAG or program) are allowed, complete phase out by August 1, 2016).
  • Designs that include any of the new UK interlocking logo (under the athletic licensing with controlled and monitored restrictions).

Cooperative Extension logos are not ready yet, we are waiting for new versions. Our college will be in charge of all Extension logo downloads. I will post on this page when the logos are available.
Questions? Email

We are working with UKPR to create the new Cooperative Extension, and the Cooperative Extension Service (CES) logos. Once we have these logos, we will be updating the CES header/footer information on all the templates. It's ok to continue using what we have right now unitl we post the new.


Agricultural Communications Services has the College logos (not CES) to start revisions on all our templates and publications. Our college will use this website to deliver to you information regarding the new logos and how to best use them in your printed and web materials.

We are starting revisions now and will replace filesAllow a couple weeks for all the college and extension templates to be updated once the logos are released.

Template and form revisions will be changed in the following priorities:

  • Stationery order form Vendors are working with online and print orders now, and should be able to take orders next week.
  • Clearance form
  • Photo release form
  • Web only letterhead for Extension departments and units
  • Headers and footers on Extension public documents (after postal approval is cleared)Report to the people header and footer
  • Newsletters
  • Fact Sheets etc.
  • General templates


Order now from our new store!


CAFE logos:

UKAG secondary logos:

We Grow...secondary wordmarks:

UK logos:


Brand Standards (pdf) revised 2-2015

College Website Standards

UK Graphic Standards

College Strategic Plan

Using Clipart & Understanding Copyright



EEO Statements

Enclosure Slips, Mailing Label

Fact Sheets

Letterhead, Envelopes

Meeting Announcements, Sign-in, Fax


See Promotional for display templates



Business Cards, Name Badges, UK Letterhead/envelopes (order directly to choice of approved stationery vendor)

CES Envelopes (pdf)

Ordering Event Lawn Signs  |  optional Powerpoint template 24" x 18"

County Office Outdoor Signs

UK all vendor list  |  Licensee list for promo items  |  pdf

College Store




Clearance Sheet for Ag Comm Services (pdf)

Video Request Form (web form)

UKAG Photo Library  |  Photo Release Form  |  Request permission to use a copyrighted image from the creator

Extension Field Directory



UKAg News Facebook Page UKAg News Twitter account

If you have any questions related to Marketing (logos, templates, orders) or comments about the Marketing website, please contact We welcome feedback on how we can make this site more useful for you. Thank you.

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