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Social Media Marketing:

Each type of Social media tool (Twitter is a tool) allows you to market a program to a specific type of audience.

  • make connections with different audiences using the different tools
  • build a network of people with similar interests
  • engage in conservations about these interests
  • share information about these interests and
  • communicate about these interest all the time.


Main photo area (520px  x 260px)
Use an image that represents your county, dept/unit or program.

Profile picture area (also the image for the thumbnail on posts, 81px x 81px).
Use the college official logo or icon below.

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Backgrounds: Use the file below or create your own.
College Twitter Background

Cooperative Extension Service Twitter Background


Why Use Twitter?

  • Provides a new way to promote your existing site, generate and drive traffic to a blog or site.
  • Presents a way listen to people as well as a way to talk.
  • Ask questions of your followers and retweet the solutions to a problem.
  • Provide audio and video links to your followers.

Tips on Using Twitter

  • Post a simple message on Twitter and get new followers.
  • Aim to have high exposure on Twitter. Set up a daily routine for your twitter activities like designating certain hours for tweeting.
  • Always follow a number of new members each week and try to entice them to follow you in return.
  • Tweet by mobile device for instant responses and followings.
  • Connect by conversation, try to write to the follower.
  • Market what makes your program unique from other and extend these differences between you and others in you Twitter posts.
  • Tweet about the fun and interesting events occurring about your program.
  • Add “Followers” or follow other people. Get updates and send messages up to 140 characters.


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eXtension Social Media Participation, Beginners Guide to Social Media in Extension


Search Tips

  • Use an at-sign (@) immediately before a username to find mentions of (and replies to) a user.
    Example: @mashable will find tweets referencing the user “mashable.”
  • Use a minus sign immediately before any words you want excluded in results.
    Example: AgComm-pubs will find tweets containing “AgComm” but not “pubs.”
  • Use until: immediately before a specific date to find tweets sent before and until that date.
    Example: pubs until:2009-07-16 will find tweets containing “pubs” and sent until date “2009-07-16″ (year-month-day).
  • Use from: immediately before a username to find tweets from that user.
    Example: from:JonDoe will find tweets sent from the user “JonDoe.”


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If you have any questions related to Marketing (logos, templates, orders) or comments about the Marketing website, please contact We welcome feedback on how we can make this site more useful for you. Thank you.

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