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Video Production

What Ag Comm Services can do...

Video Production from Agricultural Communications Services:

Ag Comm works with administration in producing promotional videos for academic, research and extension initiatives. In general, Ag Comm produces videos that are intended for a large audience with detailed information and large scope.

Videos requiring multiple location production, in-depth interviewing and speciality lighting/editing are scheduled through the Video request form Each request is vetted through the administration for approve to procede.

Example of a video production "Milking Procedures" from Ag Comm Services.


What you can do...

One option is to contact the University Sound and Lights, and talk with them about your needs. This would be for on-campus locations only. Live streaming is not available. This is a pay-for-service, and they will estimate the cost for you.

Or you can check out video equipment and do-it-yourself:

In most situations, producing a video is created and posted on the UKAG YouTube Channel. Below are suggestions on how to get started.

  • 1-2 minute video on location example: Squash Bug Management
  • Video on a step-by-step process
  • Document a lecture, event
  • Introduction clip for trainings/seminars, conferences
  • Powerpoint presentations for Hall of Fame events, trainings, lectures

Video Equipment:

Use your own camera or check-out the video equipment to create your own video. Contact Dave Stalion, 859 257-3987 in Ag Communications Services.


Not sure how to start?

Watch the video training and learn about the best equipment to use and tips on how to stage your video. Tips on script writing and where to find music beds are great resources.


Create the video:

Outline what story you want to tell, sequence of process, location of shoot, time/season to do the work, and if you are recording sound with the video or separate.

Create a working script. Example of a script

Practice! Take some video and play it back, review it and make changes in how you approach the scene. Remember to follow the script to avoid a ton of editing time


Editing the video:

When you are ready to edit the video, a PC video production station is now ready and available in Scovell Hall Room 132 for College of Agriculture faculty and staff to schedule. Again, instruction and guidance to help assist with the editing workflow is typically on site. Scheduling ahead is always best. Contact Dave Stalion, 859 257-3987.


Video editing software

  • Windows Movie Maker (Compatible with Microsoft Me, XP, Vista. Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista is compatible with Windows 7 and recommended by video editors). It features effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, and timeline narration.
  • Windows Live Movie Maker (Compatible with versions of Microsoft Vista and newer, within the Microsoft Windows Live). Windows Live Movie Maker allows users to publish videos to  Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr, as well creating HD videos.


  • iMovie (Mac OS X in the iLife suite) iMovie is a proprietary video editing software application which allows Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users to edit their own home movies. 
Getting Started:

Posting the new video on the YouTube Channel

Once the video is created you will want to get it posted on the official UKAg YouTube Channel. Your contact (see below) will discuss file formats, preflight the files, and add the official opening and closing institutional credits.  They also contact the appropriate chair, director or administrator listed on the form to view the video. The approved video is posted on the UKAG YouTube Channel.


For videos created by College Administration, Faculty, Specialists:

Your contact is: Chris Canjar
New Technologies Director, Agricultural Communications Services

252 Charles E. Barnhart Building (Office: 252), Lexington, KY 40546-0276
Phone: (859) 257-3335, ext. 556 Fax: (859) 323-3986


For videos created by Extension Administration, Specialists and Agents in counties:

Your contact is: Rich Phelps
DEITC Manager, Agricultural Communications Services
P.O. Box 469 Princeton, KY 42445
Phone: (270) 365-7541, ext. 276 Fax: (270) 365-2667


For videos created through the request form/Ag Communications Services

Your contact is: Dave Stalion
Communications Specialist, Videographer, Agricultural Communications Services
132B Scovell Hall, KY 40506-0064
Phone: (859) 257-3987


Video Center Library acts as the college storage server for video files, allowing you to link the file from other social media sites and the web.

Slideshare: Start an account and share your presentation.

Vimeo: Start an account and share your video.

Post the video link through social media accounts like facebook or twitter.


No Time to Do Your Own Video?

One suggestion is to look through other land-grant institutions YouTube Channels and see the content already available. Ask to share links. Post links from your social media accounts.









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